Made according to Swarovski’s exceptional lead-free Advanced Crystal formula, the Swarovski Crystal Lemon Sew-on Stone (article number 3211) has a classic, symmetrical lemon silhouette. Inspired by the popular Lemon Fancy Stone and stylishly updated with a sophisticated, multilayered cut, it throws off an intense sparkle. A choice of five vibrant colors and five spectacular effects is available, each recalling the hyper-real hues found in virtual reality environments. Discover it as one of a series of attention-grabbing stones in the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations “Hacked Nature” collection.

Lemon Sew-on Swarovski Crystal in 5 colors and 5 effects Lemon Sew-on Swarovski Crystal

As our increasingly digital world fuels a growing desire for a deeper, more meaningful connection with nature, bold new impressions are formed when technology and the natural world merge. This mood has stimulated a trend for heightened and emotionally compelling shapes, colors, and constructions. The real fuses with the imaginary; organic forms appear in synthetic colors; surfaces feel super-tactile; the whole effect is vividly trans-natural. And it’s this sensational near-future theme, “Hacked Nature,” that is perfectly encapsulated by the zingy Lemon Sew-on Stone.

While the versatile and easy-to-work symmetrical shape makes it perfect for creating regular patterns and ornamental motifs, this element’s colorful nature-tech fusion lends itself perfectly to extravagant, larger-than-life, tropical themes and exaggerated surface decorations. The lively, eye-catching qualities of the Lemon Sew-on Stone make it especially suitable for use in womenswear, footwear, accessories, and dancesport segments.

Available in sizes 14 x 9mm (MOQ: 72) and 18 x 12mm (MOQ: 48), the Lemon Sew-on Stone features a 1.5mm hole at each pointed end. Designed to work brilliantly with Flat Backs, Fancy Stones, and other Swarovski crystals, it can be glued, hand-sewn, and applied using either a domestic or an industrial sewing machine. It is also well suited to a range of jewelry applications, particularly for stringing as a bracelet connector piece. If virtual life gives you lemons, make sparkling lemonade!