Crystal-it Infinity’s Clever Creativity

This clever, eye-catching product with adhesive crystals from Swarovski even more tightly positioned than previously, gives extra sparkle and brilliance in motifs for interiors, packaging or new segments. Our Crystal-it Infinity collection includes specialized motifs and shapes, as well as individualistic design possibilities with our sparkling Swarovski crystal elements.

Swarovski Crystal-it Infinity Application on iPad

Crystal-it Infinity consists of foiled Flat Backs in a variety of shapes, eight sizes, thirty effects and twenty-three colors besides Crystal. It’s quite possible to incorporate up to nine elements in a single motif, and Crystal-it Infinity looks particularly striking when combined with Creation Stones. In the assortment are XILION Rose, XIRIUS Rose, Drop Flat Back, Square Flat Back, Baguette Flat Back, Triangle Flat Back, Marguerite Flat Black, and Star Flat Back. Apply adhesive crystals to an accessory to create your own personal, exclusive luxury Swarovski item.


With no heat required for stick on Swarovski crystals, nothing could be simpler to use. Specially developed adhesive on the foiled reverse side of each Flat Back stone means that they are immediately ready to be hand-applied to your chosen surface. Be aware, though, that when crystals of different heights are used in a design, the process will take longer to complete. Allow extra time, too, when using several different elements in one motif. When it comes to care, Crystal-it Infinity cannot be washed.

As well as individual crystals, the assortment features thirteen standard motifs. The choice ranges from the word “happy” and an abstract heart shape to pop art red lips and a spectacularly ornate skull, alongside other graphic and abstract designs. If you happen to have a specific luxury craft requirement, you can create your own exclusive and completely individual Crystal-it Infinity design courtesy of Swarovski’s special motif service.