Chinese New Year BeCharmed Pavé beads

Make a special New Year’s wish

Celebrate every new year with the stunning Chinese New Year Edition of our sparkling BeCharmed Pavé bead. A special production for the China market, it is Swarovski’s first-ever customizable BeCharmed Pavé, created for you to enjoy designing your own good luck.

Your good wishes will be appreciated by the wearer when you design with these glittering BeCharmed Pavé beads. Custom design your glittering crystal bracelets, personalized necklaces and other custom jewelry gifts featuring these stunning crystal beads.

To get you started, our five standard designs provide the inspiration:

The traditional 福 symbol, offered in gold-colored brass in two variants and set against a background of either red or white crystals: This signifies a wealth of good fortune—whether personal health and happiness, family harmony, or world peace and prosperity— now and in the future.

A stylized goat motif: Picked out in rich red crystals against a background of shimmering white crystals, it’s the color of good fortune.

Three goldfish designs: This is the symbol for growth and increasing wealth and success, and it’s offered in either red set against white, white against gold, or beautiful gold-colored brass against red crystals.

With their ultra-glamorous pavé setting, BeCharmed Pavé beads are completely encrusted with glittering XILION Chatons to maximize the play of light. Like miniature sparkling Chinese lanterns, these unique beads will bring an irresistible radiance to your New Year.

Combine these BeCharmed Pavé beads with our Double Happiness Charm for a brilliantly lucky crystal bracelet or unique crystal necklace. These beads are stunning next to a fiery Siam Crystal Raindrop Pendant. String them on a leather cord or hang them on a metal chain. Either way, you harness brilliant good wishes with these glittering beads. These glamorous combinations are an excellent corporate gift idea that bestows best wishes for a year of happiness on the wearer.