3D Studs Inspired by Iris Van Herpen

When Swarovski collaborated with couturier Iris van Herpen to create crystal Couture Studs exclusively for her runway show in July 2017, the result was exceptional. It inspired the team at Swarovski HQ to innovate, and 3D Studs were born. The idea is simple but strikingly effective: with crystals sitting atop metal casings that come in three height options, suddenly there are myriad ways to sculpt highly textured surfaces. Cue opportunities for some of the most eye-catching embellishment in fashion.

An early adopter of 3D Studs is Heaven Tanudiredja, an exciting emerging jewelry label that has made full use of the wide range of colors and heights available in a series of stunning pieces. On-trend industrial looks are also easy to achieve using 3D Studs—accessories can be made to look worn and distressed by combining Spike Banding with 3D studs in a variety of casing and crystal colors. And glam-metal style shines through when fabrics are joined by screwing down a metal plate embellished with a 3D Stud. And what makes the 3D Stud especially versatile and easy to work with is its flat Back Part.

Choose from two stone types: Crystal or Cabochon, which come in stone size SS16 in a palette of 20 color and effects. Combine with any of three plating choices: gold, silver or gunmetal, then select from three heights: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm to create dazzling relief.

Available colors include Crystal, Black Diamond, Denim Blue, Jet, Light Colorado Topaz, Light Rose, Scarlet and Silk, while the range of effects encompasses Aurora Borealis, Golden Shadow, Silver Shade, Light Chrome, Scarabaeus Green, and Jet Hematite. Cabochon stones come in the plain color Jet and the Crystal Pearl colors of Creampearl and White Pearl. Its available effects are Golden Shadow, Nacre and Jet Hematite. All in all, an outstanding innovation for FW18/19.