Example of how to use Swarovski stones for Sport & Show designs

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Sport & Show

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Superbly cut Swarovski crystals refract light to accentuate the graceful lines of the body. They draw all eyes to the fluidity of movement under bright lights on stage, on the ice or on the field. For athletics and athleisure.

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Sparkling ballerina design example from Swarovski

For designs in the spotlight

Sparkle like a ballerina

On stage, it’s all about giving the perfect performance. Be it for opera, ballet, musicals or dance competitions, Swarovski Crystals thrive in the spotlight like no other material and allow professional performers to enthrall and captivate their audiences.

Dazzling performance design example from Swarovski

For dazzling performances

When more is more

Capture the crowd with sparkling outfits from top to toe. Swarovski Crystals are easy to apply to a vast array of materials, meaning your costumes will never fail to catch the eye.

Why Swarovski

Since 1895, Swarovski’s spirit of innovation and sustainability has driven us to create the high-quality crystals that add extra sparkle and value to your designs.

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Products best suited for your Sport & Show designs

Flat Backs No Hotfix — Swarovski crystals with extra brilliance

Flat Backs No Hotfix

Crystals with extra brilliance

Flat Backs No Hotfix are loose crystal elements backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. These Flat Backs are easy to apply and are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts.

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Your guide to applying Swarovski crystals to Sport & Show

Hotfix application

The Swarovski product assortment includes a wide range of Hotfix products. These can be applied simply, quickly and securely.

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Sewing, embroidery & hand application

Many Swarovski products are suitable for sewing and embroidering onto whatever you can dream up! You can easily apply them by hand or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and embroidery machines.

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Mechanical application

Swarovski mechanical application is a simple technique used primarily for textiles and accessories. Many Swarovski stones, such as Rivets, 3D Studs and Rose Pins can be applied with this method, using either semi- or fully-automated machines.

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The simplest and fastest way to for you to create stunning accessories with Swarovski crystals is to glue the stones in a setting or onto a smooth surface.

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Don‘t wait to create

From round stones and beads to crystal pearls, pendants, buttons and much more. The opportunities and variations of Swarovski high quality and perfectly crafted crystals are limitless. And with an array of the latest, most durable application methods, you can apply Swarovski stones to nearly any surface.

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For eye-popping outfits

The show must go on, and so must the sparkle. Keep the scintillation alive on stage with Swarovski Crystals in a seemingly endless range of shapes, colors and effects.

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