Branding Program for CYS Retailer

Established in 1895 and globally renowned for innovative excellence, Swarovski crystals are one of the most exciting, versatile and attractive ways of transforming fashion, home and lifestyle accessories into one-of-a-kind sparkling personality pieces.

Create Your Style is a Swarovski segment that addresses the Do It Yourself community, which enjoys creating and personalizing their own jewelry, fashion, accessories, and interior décor items. It is a demanding passion — crystal enthusiasts and hobbyists expect first-class support when it comes to selecting and purchasing the correct creative components required for their projects.

Swarovski wants to assist them by endorsing DIY retailers that offer good support and a wide selection of high-quality Swarovski crystals. These retailers quickly become known for their Swarovski crystal assortments.

As a customer active in the DIY segment, our worldwide “Authorized Retailer Branding Program for Create Your Style” offers you a specially tailored package of very successful branding and communication tools. After completing a rigorous review process, you may be selected as an elite Authorized Retailer; this enables you to leverage Swarovski’s superior value as a brand through the Swarovski Authorized Retailer logo within the new partner logo, and enjoy the positive impact on your bottom line.

Why Join the Branding Program?

The worldwide B2B2C Authorized Retailer Program for Swarovski Create Your Style branding program makes it possible for you, as a CYS partner, to take advantage of Swarovski’s global reputation for excellence and use it to build your own business success.

For this reason, once you have successfully gone through the review process, we can offer a package that is tailored to suit you, as a DIY retailer distributing Swarovski crystals to consumers. You will have access to a range of branding tools to highlight the fact that your business supplies genuine Swarovski crystals, including point-of-sale visuals and use of the Swarovski Authorized Retailer Partner logo. These make a significant difference to the way they signal your relationship with Swarovski Create Your Style in your in-store communication, distinguishing you from your DIY competitors.

Proof of authenticity

When customers recognize that you are a supplier of Swarovski-branded crystals that caters to the DIY market, they are reassured, and they feel they can purchase with complete confidence.

Swarovski Authorized Retailer Logo

Strong brand visibility

With the Swarovski Authorized Retailer logo displayed together with your logo, it signals your status as a supplier of authentic Swarovski crystals.

Differentiation from Competitors

Only if you are an Authorized Retailer can you participate in the exclusive Swarovski Create Your Style branding program. Displaying the Authorized Retailers logo in-store and online and having the available branding tools sets you, as a brand partner, apart from your competition.

Increased attractiveness for your customers

Retailers endorsed by Swarovski develop a reputation among the DIY market for providing a wide selection of quality Swarovski crystals and professional expertise, which has the effect of stimulating sales.

Our Services

The Swarovski Authorized Retailer Program gives you access to highly effective, comprehensive Swarovski communication materials. Visual signage, banners, window stickers, and other marketing tools enhance communication activities across all touch points, letting your customers know that you are an Authorized Retailer of crystals from Swarovski.

Join our Branding Program

Become a Swarovski Authorized Retailer for Create Your Style and see the positive effect on your business. Simply fill out the online application form.