Swarovski Crystal Application Instructions

We offer a comprehensive range of services, tailored to customers’ requirements, for the application of Swarovski products.

Thanks to their outstanding quality, and with the help of specially developed application techniques, Swarovski products can be processed easily and quickly to craft a high-quality finished design.

How to Apply Swarovski Crystals

Within the Swarovski Application Manual, we explore everything you need to know about using Swarovski crystals, itemize the full list of our latest product collection that are suitable for application methods, and describe each application technique in detail.

Each application method is dedicated an in-depth chapter within our eBook, elaborating on tool specifications, Swarovski suppliers, product-specific application guidelines and quick tips.

What is the best way to apply Swarovski Crystals to clothing, accessories and textiles?

The following means of application are available:

  • Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting

  • Gluing

  • Ceralun

  • Hotfix Application

  • Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

  • Mechanical Application

Browse all application techniques, summarized below, and consult the eBook to find out more information on each application format. Each section within the manual is up-to-date with complete instructional guidelines and step-by-step illustrated aides, incorporating regulatory standards through to product care procedures.

Application Services

Application Services

Find out how to attach crystals by soldering, plating, stone setting, gluing, Ceralun, sewing, embroidery, hand application, mechanical application or Hotfix application, and choose the correct application method for your crystals.

Swarovski Ceralun – Jewelry Making

Ceralun Application

Ceralun is a versatile and strong two-component, high-performance ceramic epoxy composite, which has been especially developed for the application of Swarovski crystals. It is available in different colors to ensure a flawless finish. Find out more about machines and tools, suppliers and application.

Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting

Swarovski crystals - soldering, plating and stone setting

Soldering Swarovski products is a simple and straightforward method of creating modern jewelry and accessories. Swarovski’s product selection, including Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Settings, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Cupchains & Findings, are suitable for diverse application techniques.

How to Glue Swarovski Crystals

Gluing instructions for Swarovski crystals

Swarovski Crystals can be glued to a wide range of materials in a variety of application areas. Discover the process of how to glue Swarovski crystals to fabric, jewelry, textiles and more with our product-specific instructions.

Hotfix Application

Hotfix application for Swarovski crystals

Discover how to apply hotfix crystals and the best techniques to affix crystals to fabrics and textiles. Swarovski offers a range of crystal components with Hotfix glue, which are applied using heat. Find out which Swarovski products are suitable for Hotfix application and learn how to use this swift process in the creative process.

Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

Swarovski crystals – sewing, embroidery and hand application

Swarovski has a wide range of crystal components that can be applied easily either by hand – beading, knitting, wire working, crocheting, threading, weaving, and knotting – or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and embroidery machines. Find out which crystals, pearls, beads and trimmings are best suited to the various sewing methods.

Mechanical Application

Mechanical application of Swarovski crystals

Many crystal components can be applied mechanically. These include Snap Fasteners, Jeans Buttons, Rivets, Pins and Crystal Studs. This is a particularly useful technique if you want to apply crystals to leather. Find out which Swarovski products can be applied mechanically and get helpful information on the machines and tools you will need.

Swarovski Crystal Care

Care instructions for Swarovski crystals

To ensure the highest quality and longest lasting application of Swarovski products, proper care is essential. To maintain the brilliance of Swarovski crystals and ensure enduring design elegance, follow our detailed care instructions.

Warning Notices & Regulations

Swarovski warning notices for crystals application

Warning notices regarding Swarovski crystals. Always take care with crystals, beads and pearls around small children. Find out how to ensure safety when dealing with Swarovski products.