Beads offer the highest standard available on the market. The high-quality precision cutting and the clear through-hole achieve high brilliance and clarity. Rounded hole edges reduce the wear on thread and increase the durability of designs.

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Swarovski Crystal Beads: Unique, Glamorous and Versatile

Made in Austria, Swarovski crystals lead the global market. Within the assortment, Swarovski Beads are prized for their outstanding brilliance, the result of exceptional faceting thanks to precisely engineered cutting techniques that enable the surfaces to catch and refract the light in a way that is entirely unmatched. With every detail considered and covered, from specially engineered holes to preserve the cord from wear and tear, on-trend colors of identical intensity whether large and small, shapes and effects, and a wide choice of application methods, Swarovski Crystal Beads are well suited to a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Who are Swarovski Crystal Beads for? 

The Swarovski Crystal Bead assortment represents the highest quality available on today’s market. Its vast array of colors and effects, shapes and styles make it sought after by designers all over the world across all segments—fashion, accessories, jewelry, home décor, Create Your Style (DIY), and more. It is perfectly suited to any purpose that calls for precision-cut, high-brilliance, high-clarity beads. From small businesses to legendary fashion houses, designers choose to incorporate Swarovski Crystal Beads in their work for their inspirational value, beauty, sophistication, and easy functionality, as well as the superb finish they give to decorative embellishment.

What are Swarovski Crystal Beads’ Details?

In addition to the dazzling selection of colors, cuts, and effects, Swarovski Crystal Beads offer a huge variety of innovative shapes. Examples range from the angular Graphic Cube, asymmetric Wing, and classic Star to the edgy Skull, Spike, Arrow and Panther. Alternatively, go garden-natural with the pretty Marguerite, Butterfly or Clover, or enjoy modern twists on old favorites, such as the elongated Wild Heart shape with its diagonal hole. Other styles include symmetrical Round Beads, the flattened shape of Rondelle, the narrow geometry of Mini Beads, and the angular Bicone. A bead that has made major waves throughout the industry is the hugely successful BeCharmed Pavé family, which has a 4mm hole that can be threaded with thick cord or leather. Add to these the classic Drop, Oval and Emerald shapes, the arched Dome and tri-cornered Artemis beads, amid a great many more stunning bead profiles, and it’s easy to see why they have seized creative imaginations all over the world.

Swarovski Crystal Beads come in all the colors of the rainbow (see Color Chart). The palette encompasses 68 colors (plus Crystal), 38 effects, 6 Full Coated effects, and 5 Crystal Patina effects. These include deep pigments, original bi-color blends, and prism-like effects in sizes from 3mm to 16mm, all with identical faceting and color intensity from the smallest to the largest.

Where/When Should Swarovski Crystal Beads Be Used?

Many industries and segments work with Swarovski’s range of Crystal Beads. From haute couture to high-street fashion, handbags and hats, lingerie and eveningwear, jewelry and watches, and home decor, designers embellish their work with Swarovski Crystal Beads.

Why Swarovski Crystal Beads?

Versatile Swarovski Crystal Beads are a large category with a huge variety to choose from. They are subjected to the most stringent quality-control procedures available, resulting in absolutely flawless crystals that can be used for classic and contemporary designs across a wide variety of segments.

Made according to our patented lead-free* Advanced Quality standard, Swarovski Crystal Beads are not only safe, they are extraordinarily brilliant. From the smallest to the largest, every single Bead within a style family is identical in faceting, size, and homogeneity of color. Even the way the bead holes are engineered mark Swarovski Crystal Beads out as unmatched in the industry, with their specially polished edges that prevent wear and tear on the thread.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % (90ppm) lead or less.

How Are Swarovski Crystal Beads Applied?


Swarovski Crystal Beads are used as decorative elements across a wide spectrum of segments. Application techniques are all-encompassing—beading and threading, wiring and weaving, knitting and knotting, crocheting, and sewing and stringing. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a designer of fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, and more, not using Swarovski Crystal Beads, since all creative work benefits from the brilliance of these very special, fashion-forward yet functional beads.