Swarovski Ceralun

Ceralun is a high-performance, two-component ceramic epoxy composite especially developed for the application of Swarovski products. Ceralun offers totally new design possibilities for jewelry, accesories, watches and interiors.

What is Ceralun?
Ceralun is available in 17 colors and is a versatile and strong two-component clay. This clay has been specifically developed and tailored to embed foiled and unfoiled crystals. It is an absolutely essential material for innovative design.

What are the Key Features of Ceralun?

  • High level of hardness, rigidity and shock absorbance

  • Resistant to perspiration, humidity or climatic changes and shows no aging

  • Perfect material to generate a large variety of surfaces and structures

  • Applicable on 3D-shaped surfaces

  • Alternative solution to gluing

The following products are suitable to make jewelry using Ceralun epoxy clay:

How to Use Ceralun

Ceralun has optimal adhesive characteristics for applications on metal, glass, crystal, gluable plastic surfaces, rubber, wood, cork, and porcelain, unless the materials do not have the right surface tension. 

When working with Ceralun it is important to follow all the application steps in the correct order to ensure the best results:

  • Checking the surface tension of the material on which you want to apply the Ceralun and pre-treatment

  • The proper dosage, mixing of the two compoments resin and hardener and setting of the crystals

  • The different and various processing methods

  • How to cure the Ceralun after setting the crystals

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Download the Swarovski Ceralun Color Chart to see our complete range.


Color Charts

Ceralun Color Charts

Last Update: 07 / 2018


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Applikation Ceralun

Applikation Ceralun

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